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SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a highly effective way to increase your ranking on search engines like Google, and attract qualified traffic to your website. Investing in SEM is a great way for you to grow brand awareness, generate qualified leads, increase sales etc. With SEM, you can get on top of the search page results with paid advertising.

Benefits of SEM to help your Business?

Generating Highly qualified traffic
Getting on top of search engine result pages (SERP)
Higher conversion and visibility
Getting measurable results 
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Our SEM strategy to boost your business:

Keeping your business goals in mind

Just add your location to the text of your ad, its headline, and don’t forget to specify the audience-it should reside in your location and search from it as well.

Spy on competitors

Conduct competitors PPC’s analysis, find out what keywords, bidding strategies and writing tactics they use.

Super targeted audience selection

Show your advertising to a group of users that have the same behavioral patterns and interests as your audience.

Personalize your ads

For example, you may set up your ads in a way that it will be shown to mobile users only. Or you can divide your users into those who have abandoned a cart recently and show them a highly personalized and very special offer.

Finding an efficient approach with A/B testing

Decide on what part you want to test. For example, you can test two different headlines, descriptions, extensions, extensions or separate words such as urgency triggers on a limited target audience.

Generate high-quality results

Google Ads’ automated rules allow you to manage your account using criteria that you configure yourself: show ads on a schedule, bids by time of day, season, position in the search results, etc.

Create some urgency with ads

Just add some urgency-provoking works to the headline of your ads, for example, ” Special Offer – 24 Hours Left”.

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